Perlino/Cremello Description & Photo Examples

The Cremello The delicate cremello color is the result of the action of two cream genes on a red (chestnut/sorrel) horse.  Where one cream gene on a red produces a Palomino, two of them create the cremello!

The Perlino is the result of two cream genes on a bay base. One could also describe it as "the buckskin color with one more cream gene added".  These horses have cream colored body hair, and a darker yellow, tan, or orange cast to their manes & tails. The genetic abbreviation for the genes that make the perlino color isE_A_CrCr

 I have had some very handy information passed on to me from one of our members, so i have included it for all dilute breeders and those interested in breeding from a dilute to see.

The dilute that causes palomino and buckskin is called Cream (Ccr)....chocolate is another color - often caused by the silver gene i.e. rocky mountain horses.

Cremello (and Perlino, smoky cream etc) do not produce 100% cremello, they are homozygous and produce 100% cream dilute.

We find this is the easiest to understand website for color explained simply.