Palomino Description & Photo Examples

The Palomino has a golden body colour, ranging from pale cream to deep ochre. A Palomino is a chestnut horse with a single dilution factor which washes out the chestnut to gold. There are, however, many variations of Palomino ie: Sooty, Dappled and almost Chocolate, many of which show varying amounts of dark hair through the mane and/or tail. Although these are not preferable, they will still carry and show the dilution factor and are invaluable to the breeding of Palominos.


Showing standards for Palominos

Ideally the body colour must be as near as possible to that of a newly minted gold coin with a variance of three shades lighter or darker being permissible. The body coat should be of an even colour with no heavy dappling or dorsal stripe along the spine. Eyes must be dark brown, black or hazel. White markings are permitted on the face. White on the legs shall not extend above the knees or hocks. Pinto patches on the body are not permissible. Palominos may be shown plaited, except in manes and tails classes and at the NZGHS National Show. Individuals showing variations of these standards shall not be disqualified, but shall receive a lesser score where applicable.